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I'm using JMeter 2.4 and I want to test a site that uses the MD5-sess algorithm. As JMeter can only handle basic authentication and writing a JMeter plug-in seems to be difficult (the tutorial to this states so) I wrote a small servlet that generates the cnonce, response and nc fields for me. I call this servlet like a normal request with the digest and extract those three variables.

So far no problem.

Then I tried to create a HTTP sampler to call the actual target service and assigned a HTTP Header Manager as a child. There I defined the header field "Authorization" to hold the authorization string. I tested this and noticed that the header field didn't appear in the request. After some googling I learned that the authorization field is ignored since the HTTP Authorization Manager handles this. However, JMeter doesn't know of MD5-sess.

If I use any header name other than "Authorization" the header field appears properly.

Therefore, my question is: What do I do now? How do I force JMeter to let me set the authorization header?

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You may try asking on the Nabble forum where the Jmeter developers hang out if you don't get an answer on SO. – BlackGaff Apr 22 '11 at 15:39
@BlackGaff: thanks, I will check there. – sjngm Apr 26 '11 at 5:23

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We solved this by using plan C (or was it D?). Since Jmeter is open source, we took a look at HTTPSampler and applied the MD5-stuff there.

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