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I have this simple sql query:

select c.LastName, Sum(b.Debit)- Sum(b.Credit) as OpenBalance from Balance as b
inner join Job as j on (b.Job = j.ID)
inner join Client as c on (j.Client = c.ID)
Group By c.LastName

and I am trying to convert it to work in linq like this:

from b in Balance
join j in Job on b.Job equals j.ID
join c in Client on j.Client equals c.ID
group b by new { c.LastName } into g
select new { 
     Name = c.Lastname, 
     OpenBalance = g.Sum(t1 => t1.Credit) 

but when I try to run it in LINQPad I get the following message:

The name 'c' does not exist in the current context

and it highlights c.Lastname in select new statement.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Well, you've grouped b by c.LastName. So after the grouping operation, you're dealing with g which is a grouping with the element type being the type of b, and the key type being the type of c.LastName. It could well be that all you need is:

select new { 
    Name = g.Key,
    OpenBalance = g.Sum(t1 => t1.Credit) 

... but if you need to get at any other aspects of c, you'll need to change your grouping expression.

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