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I'm hoping for a little help - Whatever I try I cannot get jQuery to use the post method. When I look at the request via Charles it is always using the GET method. The code:

   $.post(serviceBaseURL+"get_latest_result_for_location/?jsoncallback=?",{'locationID':locationID}, function(data)

        var latestResult = resultToArray(data)[0];
        alert("server connection failed");

        }, "json");

As the server can not get the post data for the request it responds with.

jQuery152027819979432710484_1301989144102({"status":"fail","message":"Please provide a location ID"});

I am using the latest version of JQuery @

Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?

Any help much appreciated.

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Couldn't solve this so am just checking for GET in my service - thanks. – Chin Apr 5 '11 at 11:36
$.post(serviceBaseURL+"get_latest_result_for_location/?jsoncallback=?",{'locationID':locationID}, function(data)

It looks like you aren't speifying a location id, why is jsoncallback a ? and specify locationid in the same way, so:

'?jsoncallback=?&locationID=' + locationID
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