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I'm confused ;-) I use Bundler which works fine for all my projects. In the recent project i need some Gems from Github so I've added

gem "dm-is-localizable", :git => "git://"

to my Gemfile.

Bundle pushes the dm-is-localizable stuff into my project dir directly (same dir where app/, db/, lib/ etc. resist, so there's dm-is-localizable/ now). Whats going wrong there? Shouldn't Bundle put the stuff into vendor/?

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Which bundler version are you using? – Francisco Apr 5 '11 at 8:42

There's a bug with Bundle such that gems from :git don't get installed the same way as the rest. You can do bundle install --system to force all gems into be install into your system directory, or add these lines to your .bundle/config inside your project:

BUNDLE_PATH: "vendor"

then run 'bundle install' once more.

I'm hoping Bundle will support :git more seamlessly in the future.

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