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I used to be able to see where a hyperlink was pointing to at the bottom of firefox. Ive got firefox 4 and there is no bar now annoyingly.

This is related to programming because I need to see wher hyperlinks go.

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I see a tooltip coming up in the bottom left corner of the page when I hover over a link. Does that not do? That said, it is off topic here, voting to migrate to superuser. – Pekka 웃 Apr 5 '11 at 8:34
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The status bar has been removed. You can get it back via an add-on.

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Strange with me it shows the links when I hover over the links with the mouse. It just shows up at the bottom-left and just takes the size of the links, not the entire width of the screen like the status-bar used to do.

If you only need to see the hyperlinks then this should be enough if not install the extension mentioned in the other answer.


to get the bar back at the bottom you can do view > toolbars > add-on bar, but that doesn't give you a link preview and it seems not to be the same as the status bar anymore. So statusbar and add-on bar are two different things now.

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To recover the old used and very useful status bar, first, install the Status4evar (S4E) add-on.

Next step you have to open the personalize window to be sure that at the bottom will be a "variable space" line , at its left side you drop/draw the "status text" and close that personalization.

now you can see the complete link by mouseover as known in old days .

good luck

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