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I am using a custom UITableViewDelegate and in my controller I want to run some code when the tableview has a rowselected. I noticed the UITableViewDelegate already has an event called RowSelected but you cannot use it I'm guessing because there is a method in UITableViewDelegate with the exact same name.

If I write:

mytableviewdelegate.RowSelected += myeventhandler;

This will not compile and gives the error:

"Cannot assign to 'RowSelected' because it is a 'method group'"

Any ideas, I have a work around which is fine so Im really looking at working out if this is a bug in MonoTouch?

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How are you implementing the custom UITableViewDelegate? I would suggest using Monotouch's UITableViewSource as it combines both the UITableViewDataSource and the UITableViewDelegate into one file which makes things so much easier.

Some example code:

(in your UIViewController that contains the UITableView)

tableView.Source = new CustomTableSource();

Then you'll want to create a new class for this:

public class CustomTableSource : UITableViewSource
    public CustomTableSource()
        // constructor
    // Before you were assigning methods to the delegate/datasource using += but
    // in here you'll want to do the following:
    public override int RowsInSection (UITableView tableView, int section)
        // you'll want to return the amount of rows you're expecting
        return rowsInt;

    // you will also need to override the GetCells method as a minimum. 
    // override any other methods you've used in the Delegate/Datasource 
    // the one you're looking for in particular is as follows:

    public override void RowSelected (UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath indexPath)
        // do what you need to here when a row is selected!

That should help you get started. In the UITableViewSource class you can always type public override and MonoDevelop will show you what methods are available to be overriden.

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