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In my WinForms project I have a Form with a DataGridView. When the application loads, the DataGridView is filled with data. In myDataGridView, SelectionMode is set to FullFowSelect.

Question 1: When the Form loads, how can I make it so that no row is selected in the DataGridView?

Question 2: And after the initial load, how can I program a Button to highlight a specific row (for example, the 5th row) in the DataGridView?

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I believe you should set CurrentCell for the DataGridView

So for your case fifth row should be

dataGridView1.CurrentCell = dataGridView1[0, 4];
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Selection mode is fullrowselect and he wants to give selection back color to a row and not a cell –  Niraj Doshi Apr 5 '11 at 10:47
@Niraj: yes, the above code does that part , the row is selected as required (Did you try your solution didn't work for me) –  V4Vendetta Apr 5 '11 at 10:52
datagridview.Rows[index].Selected = true;

in your case to select fifth row

datagridview.Rows[4].Selected = true;
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