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I have following string:

text = '20 as a % of 50'

I need to replace it using a regular expression, the result should be:

'20 / 50 * 100'

How can I do this?

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Can you give another example? I can't get the regular pattern from this one – wong2 Apr 5 '11 at 9:17
sounds like you're trying to hack an "are you a human" portion of a form ;) – seanmetzgar Jan 30 at 19:26
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I created an example here:

You can match with (\d+) as a % of (\d+) and replace with $1 / $2 * 100.

var a="text = '20 as a % of 50'";
alert(a.replace(/(\d+) as a % of (\d+)/, '$1 / $2 * 100'));

I also created a jsFiddle.

EDIT: If your text between the numbers will change, you can use this regex:

(\d+)[%a-zA-Z ]+(\d+)

It assumes that the operator is % and between the numbers only letters and spaces can occur.

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thanks, and what if between two numbers can be chars, for example 100 usd as a % of 200 usd, and i need to keep usd in str? – Petya petrov Apr 5 '11 at 9:32
@Mikhail Nikalyukin: see my edit. – kapa Apr 5 '11 at 9:57

This should help you,

var str="20 as a % of 50"; 
var patt1=/(\d)+/g;
alert(str.match(patt1)[0]+ "/"+ str.match(patt1)[1] + "* 100");
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