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I've installed VisualSVN server on a company machine. Its (intranet) URL is http://myhost:12321/svn.

On the same machine there is an Apache which we use as a reverse proxy. There are several other servers on the same machine (Apache, Tomcat), which are made available to the outside using the reverse proxy.

For instance we have a Redmine stack, served internally through http://myhost:32123/redmine, which is mapped through the reverse proxy like (conf/rproxy2.conf snippet):

ProxyPass /redmine http://myhost:32123/redmine

ProxyPassReverse /redmine http://myhost:32123/redmine

This works, Redmine is available at http://my.external.address/redmine.

When I try to do the same for VisualSVN:

ProxyPass /svn http://myhost:12321/svn

ProxyPassReverse /svn http://myhost:12321/svn

when a user goes to http://my.external.address/svn, he gets redirected to http://myhost:12321/svn, which ofcourse doesn't work.

Any ideas why is this happening and how to fix it?

Thank you.

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All on one box ? Yikes. –  Konrad Apr 5 '11 at 9:29

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I've had trouble with ProxyPass because it will give the client a 301 (moved permanently) so the browser will cache that response for a long time. Try using a different browser or clearing your cache between config changes.

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