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I have the following objects queried form a table after which the various objects are put In the following objarr.How to retrieve these values in UI in javascript

 from django.core.serializers import serialize
 json = serialize("json", objarr)
 response_dict.update({'objarr' : (json) })

 return HttpResponse(simplejson.dumps(response_dict), mimetype = 'application/javascript')

Logging.debug gives the following

   {'obj_arr': '[{"pk": 56, "model": "upload_info", "fields": {"emp_id": 13, "import_flag": 1, "resource": null, "feedback": "some feedabck", "hint": "test", "time": null, "created_by": 145, "access": 0, "keywords": "test1,test9", "type": 4, "error_flag": 0, }}, {"pk": 1156, "model": "upload_info", "fields": {"emp_id": 13, "import_flag": 1, "resource": null, "feedback": "some feedabck", "hint": "test", "time": null, "created_by": 145, "access": 0, "keywords": "test1,test9", "type": 4, "error_flag": 0, }}] }

In the UI i try to have to access the value of emp_id ,how do i do it

function retrieve_data(formid)
  var form = $(formid);
  dataType:  'json',
  success:   function (data) {  //Data is the rendered oject of resposne_dict
     How to print emp_id,error_flag and other details here
 } )   ;
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You need to download the json2.js file and add it to your application

In the response try this

  var response=eval("("+JSON.stringify(data)+")");
  for(var i=0;i<esponse.obj_arr[0].fields;i++){                        
    var emp=  response.obj_arr[0].fields[i].emp_id

You will get the value of emp_id in the variable emp..

Similarly do for others


and assigning them in a variable...

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Is there any other work around for this.. –  Naveen Apr 5 '11 at 11:41
@Naveen If you want to use JSON then I am not aware of a method other than this...But why do you want to work around this?? What is the problem in this? –  Sangeet Menon Apr 5 '11 at 11:48

You can also try below code to make that work:

String.prototype.toArr = function() {
    eval("var obj = " + this);
    return obj ? obj : [];
function retrieve_data(formid){
  var form = $(formid);
   dataType: 'json',
   success: function (data) {
     data = data.toArr();
     // And likewise you can access all detail

Hope this works for you.. :)

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