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I have created the following script which loops over my cookie. When I find a match I want to remove just the matching value from the cookie. How do I achieve this?

 var cookieName = 'myCookie';
 var cookie = $.cookie("preferences");
 var cookie = cookie.split('|');

      var thisCookieData = this.split(',');
      if(thisCookieData[0] == thisWidget.id ){
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I am not sure whether you want the entire portion of cookie (caused by the first split) removed if a match is within, or just a part of the chunk which resulted from the second split. Regardless, using "magic string" formats is not recommended. I would use a serialization scheme such as JSON to store my structure. There are JS cookie libraries which have JSON and jQuery support built in. –  JAAulde Apr 5 '11 at 11:11
makes sense, thanks –  Sputnik Apr 5 '11 at 12:43

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You can use this code:

    cookie = $.grep(cookie, function(item, index) {
        var parts = item.split(',');
        return parts[0] !== id;

grep is a jquery function which finds elements in an array which satisfies the given function.

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split, remove and join again:

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