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I know how to detect key pressing. All keys except Control, Alt, Shift and CMD.

How can i detect when this keys are being pressed.

Thanks in advance.

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If you want to detect these keys in something like a NSView object, have a look at the NSResponder class. When you overwrite a NSView class (or one of its sublcasses), you can overwrite keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent(Apple Documentation). When you call [theEvent modifierFlags], a NSUInteger bitfield is returned, which you can then evaluate.

For instance, with

if ([theEvent modifierFlags] & NSCommandKeyMask) {
you can check if the Command key is pressed.

See Apple's Cocoa Event-handling Guide, especially the section "Handling Key Events" for more information.

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in - (void) flagsChanged: (NSEvent *)theEvent : [theEvent keyCode] gives a number for CRTL,SHIFT,ALT etc, so you need only to toggle a variable for those modifiers, set to 0 at start. if you use OpenGL you may need to set: -(BOOL) canBecomeKeyWindow

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