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I'm having a small problem with JAXB unmarshalling in that my input XML can be wrapped by one of two elements, for example:




My root class is unmarshalling the Channels to a HashMap using an @XmlJavaTypeAdapter and the code below works as expected.

public class Output{
    private HashMap<Long, Channel> allChannels;
    public Map getChannels() {
        return allChannels;

where Channels class is:

public class Channels {
    public Channel[] channels;

and the Channel is:

public class Channel {
    private Long id;

and finally the ChannelAdapter is:

public class ChannelAdapter extends XmlAdapter<Channels, Map<Long, Channel>> {
    public Map<Long, Channel> unmarshal(Channels value) { ... }

    public Channels marshal(Map<Long, Channel> map) { ... }

However I thought I could just replace @XmlElement(name="Update") with


but that results in an empty map.

Hard-coding to either @XmlElement(name="Update") or @XmlElement(name="Erase") works with one or other the input XML documents but I need something that will work with either of the wrapper elements. I tried using a @XmlElementWrapper but that can only be used on a collection or array property which will not work since allChannels is a HashMap.

Could I please get an explain of what am I misunderstanding about the @XmlElements annotation and also a way to get this working? Thanks!

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As far as I know, JAXB forces you to have a bidirectional data model; you cannot merge two children of a node into one without breaking this convention. So, you need to have two lists, one for Updates and one for Erases.

Because I've never used @XmlElements annotation, take my comment with care.

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Try to change your XSDs to something that let's Output incorporate a choice allowing the XML to use either of the elements but never ever both at the same time.

I don't know, however, how to annotate this via XmlElements. Try to build an XSD first an then generate the classes for looking up the annotations ;).

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