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Will Hyper-V work on a windows 7 32-bit machine? And if so does anyone know how to set it up on HP EliteBook 8530p laptop? Thank you in advance.

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The reason you couldn't find the answer to this question is because you were searching the wrong sites. It's not a programming-related question, so it doesn't belong on Stack Overflow. However, it has already been answered on Server Fault and Super User. –  Cody Gray Apr 5 '11 at 12:22

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No, it will not.

  • It is 64 bit.
  • It is not avaialble as part of Windows 7.

All that is there to say.

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You can't use Hyper-V, but you do have access to Windows XP virtual environment in windows 7?

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Hyper-V is a Role on Windows Server 2008 or available as a standalone server. The standalone version is simply the Server 2008 Core with Hyper-V enabled, no Gui, just a simple console. The standalone edition is available for free, as far as i know.

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