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I would like to display JMS queue statistics on the page where I may present how many messages are in the queues

Is there any way to do that in universal way (without using any provider specific API) whithout iterating through all messages?

I know that I may achive that using QueueBrowser.getEnumeration() however it is too costly to iterate over all messages just for simple counting functionality.

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I see no reference to statistics in the JMS 1.1 spec.

My experience w/ statistics is that they're available through vendor-specific interfaces.

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I do not believe that it is possible in the manner you seek.

Although your question specifically asks about non-provider specific methods I will offer this:

ActiveMQ can be monitored via JMX which allows you to interrogate many things including queue size. You can always create an interface which you can then extend on a per-provider basis (and as an example you would retrieve queue size from an ActiveMQ provider implementation via JMX).

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QueueBrowser is the only standard way of browsing messages in a Queue without consuming them.

Sorry about that.

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This solution is specific to WebLogic, and it uses JMSDestinationRuntimeMBean, but every Application Server should allow you to do something equivalent:


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