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I have a number of variables containing text strings and want to select which should be shown based on the element that is clicked.

The code below is a very simplified version of what I'm trying to do, at the moment it sets the innerHTML of .msgBox to 'A_msg' or 'B_msg', what I want it to do is set it to the value of those variables.

    var A_msg = "You clicked A";
    var B_msg = "You clicked B";

    $(".trigger").mouseover(function() {
      var MsgToDisplay = $(this).attr('id')+"_msg";

    <div class="trigger" id="A">Option A</div>
    <div class="trigger" id="B">Option B</div>
    <div id="msgBox"></div>
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You should use an object:

var messages = {
    A: "You clicked A",
    B: "You clicked B"

$(".trigger").mouseover(function() {
  var MsgToDisplay = messages[$(this).attr('id')];

You can write messages[someString] to get the value of property by name.

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superb, thanks - that sorted it. –  Hill79 Apr 5 '11 at 13:38

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