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I am using resque, and resque-scheduler in my rails application. I am facing strange problem in using resque-scheduler. One of my job is not getting removed from queue, once it finishes with the 'perform' method. I need to kill it explicitly to get out of the queue, then other jobs in the queue starts executing.

Job class is simple, like:

                    class FooJob
                      @queue = :high_volume

                      def self.perform
                        puts "FooJob#perform:"
                        # some method call

And resque_schedule.yml contains:

                      cron: "15 * * * *"
                      class: FooJob
                      description: "enqueue jobs from Foo"

Can it be problem with gem versions? or any other?

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Did you actually verify by looking at redis directly? The job gets removed from the queue before perform even starts execution.

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I do not have access to server, so I can't check redis logs. Job executes perform method, still stuck in the queue, and next jobs remain in waiting state. – Nilesh Navale Apr 6 '11 at 4:45
I didn't mean check the logs. I meant access redis directly. E.g., using Resque.redis.llen('queue:high_volume'). – nirvdrum Apr 6 '11 at 23:23
Oh. I didn't get your point. I will try out this. Thanks – Nilesh Navale Apr 7 '11 at 6:08

lets try this gem "resque-status"

get job status-

status = Resque::Plugins::Status::Hash.get(job_id)

Resque::Plugins::Status::Hash.get(job_id) object gonna returns:

status.pct_complete #=> 0
status.status #=> 'queued'
status.queued? #=> true
status.working? #=> false
status.time #=> Time object        
status.message #=> "Created at ..."

get this gem and for details:

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