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I'm currently trying to create a pdf from a php script. I have JasperReports & PHP/JavaBridge up and running, and it works creating pdf files when sending strings & integers as parameters.

I've used the guides from Jasper Reports and PHP & Bullet-Proof Jasper Reports and PHP to help set up PHP/JavaBridge and Jasper reports.

This is how my php script currently looks like (very similar to the example from the previously mentioned guide):


 * see if the java extension was loaded.
function checkJavaExtension()
        $sapi_type = php_sapi_name();
        $port = (isset($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']) && (($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'])>1024)) ? $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] : '8080';
        if ($sapi_type == "cgi" || $sapi_type == "cgi-fcgi" || $sapi_type == "cli") 
            if(!(PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX=="so" && @dl('java.so'))&&!(PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX=="dll" && @dl('php_java.dll'))&&!(@include_once("java/Java.inc"))&&!(require_once("$port/java/Java.inc"))) 
                return "java extension not installed.";
        return "The loaded java extension is not the PHP/Java Bridge";

    return true;

 * convert a php value to a java one... 
 * @param string $value 
 * @param string $className 
 * @returns boolean success 
function convertValue($value, $className)  
    // if we are a string, just use the normal conversion  
    // methods from the java extension...  
        if ($className == 'java.lang.String')  
            $temp = new Java('java.lang.String', $value);  
            return $temp;  
        else if ($className == 'java.lang.Boolean' ||  
            $className == 'java.lang.Integer' ||  
            $className == 'java.lang.Long' ||  
            $className == 'java.lang.Short' ||  
            $className == 'java.lang.Double' ||  
            $className == 'java.math.BigDecimal')  
            $temp = new Java($className, $value);  
            return $temp;  
        else if ($className == 'java.sql.Timestamp' ||  
            $className == 'java.sql.Time')  
            $temp = new Java($className);  
            $javaObject = $temp->valueOf($value);  
            return $javaObject;  
    catch (Exception $err)  
        echo (  'unable to convert value, ' . $value .  
                ' could not be converted to ' . $className);  
        return false;  

    echo (  'unable to convert value, class name '.$className.  
            ' not recognised');  
    return false;  

if (true == checkJavaExtension()) {
    echo 'java extension is loaded!!';

$compileManager = new JavaClass("net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperCompileManager");
$report = $compileManager->compileReport(realpath("test.jrxml"));

$fillManager = new JavaClass("net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager");

$params = new Java("java.util.HashMap");
$params->put("text", "This is a text");
$params->put("report_id", 2);

$emptyDataSource = new Java("net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JREmptyDataSource");
$jasperPrint = $fillManager->fillReport($report, $params, $emptyDataSource);

$outputPath = realpath(".")."/"."output.pdf";

$exportManager = new JavaClass("net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperExportManager");
$exportManager->exportReportToPdfFile($jasperPrint, $outputPath);

header("Content-type: application/pdf");



The code above works, but I want to use a PHP array as parameter for my jrxml file. What would be the best solution for this?

I'm thinking i probably have to create a java.util.List class, set the data from my php array as the list items, and send this as a paramater to my jrxml file, but i can't get this to work.

On the other hand, this might be very wrong since this is all quite new for me :\ I appreciate all the help i can get! :)

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Im not sure i understand but if you have array of values such as {id => 1 , name => 'fubar', something => 'blala'. Try this:

$map =  new Java("java.util.HashMap");
foreach ($array as $key=>$value){
$Jfm = new Java("net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager");
$this->FillReport = $Jfm->fillReport($this->CompileReport, $map, $this->DbConnect);
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@Casper: This does not answer how to pass an array of values to JasperReports. PHP arrays must be converted to java.util.List instances. – Dave Jarvis Apr 7 '11 at 21:18

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