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I have a similar challenge to this post: Batch insert/update with entity framework from a couple years ago, I was hoping that the story may have changed since then.

In short, I am running a RESTful service, and as such I'd like a PUT to be document-oriented and take an object along with a collection of child elements in. The child elements have a unique string that I can use for determining existence.

Unlike the referenced poster, I don't have a query requirement; all I want to do is be able to take in a collection of my child elements and perform an insert on the child table for any that aren't already there, and an insert or delete on the many-to-many table to account for the current state of the collection. Ideally, with some efficiency. I realize that I might end up doing this as a sproc, I just wanted to see if there's an EF-native way that works first.

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To do this you must either know which items are new or you must query DB first and merge your received items with loaded items. EF will not handle this for you. Also be aware that there are still no batch modifications. Each insert, update or delete is executed in separate roundtrip to database.

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