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Im totally new to WCF. Trying to create a Silverlight application with WCF services.

Im not sure what address to fill in for adding the service reference for the client side.

Also, what do I need to specify in the Web config file in the server side?


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There are a few different kinds of WCF Services. WCF Services, WCF Data Services & WCF RIA Services. For a bit of background on these types/kinds check out this forum entry.

If you are using just WCF Services, here's an intro and a sample and another sample that should get you going. :-)

Here's a great overview from Shawn Wildermuth on creating a WCF Data service & consuming it in various ways.

WCF RIA Services are specifically built/optimized for Silverlight. If you are in control of the Service as well you might want to look into creating a RIA Service instead of just a WCF Data Service. Here's an intro to RIA Services.

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Thanks very much. I will have a read of the tutorials :) –  RKM Apr 5 '11 at 17:23
Your welcome! Good Luck! –  klabranche Apr 5 '11 at 20:01

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