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Just wondering, is there a list anywhere on the internet that has a list of all the permissions that are generally associated with certain application category types?


Media Applications generally have the following permissions:


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From the permissions you have listed it looks like you are looking at system / signature permissions. This list is hard to find! grepcode.com/file/repository.grepcode.com/java/ext/… –  Dori Apr 28 at 16:34

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I think there is some confusion because the manifest is very clear to developers which permissions are required. However, when installing users are presented with categories of permssions rather than the complete list of individual permissions. I agree, a complete mapping of individual permissions to permission categories would be very helpful. Here are the categories one example application requires on install:

enter image description here

I found this resource which is helpful, but does not explain everything. http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/security/security.html explains that a developer can run the following command to display “permissions in a form roughly similar to how the user will see them”.

adb shell pm list permissions -s

All Permissions:

Development tools: send Linux signals to applications, make all background appli cations close, limit number of running processes, enable application debugging

Your personal information: write Browser's history and bookmarks, read Browser's history and bookmarks, read contact data, add or modify calendar events and sen d email to guests, write to user defined dictionary, read owner data, read user defined dictionary, write contact data, choose widgets, read calendar events, wr ite owner data

Services that cost you money: send SMS messages, directly call phone numbers

Your location: mock location sources for testing, access extra location provider commands, coarse (network-based) location, fine (GPS) location

Your messages: Exchanges messages and receives sync notifications from Google se rvers, send WAP-PUSH-received broadcast, edit SMS or MMS, read instant messages, receive WAP, write instant messages, send SMS-received broadcast, read SMS or M MS, Read Email attachments, receive SMS, receive MMS

Network communication: view network state, Broadcast data messages to applicatio ns., Send heartbeat to Google Talk server, Broadcast data messages to applicatio ns., Market license check, create Bluetooth connections, view Wi-Fi state, Allow s the application to accept cloud to device messages from application's service, full Internet access

Your accounts: Android services, Orkut, act as an account authenticator, Google App Engine, Picasa Web Albums, view configured accounts, Google Spreadsheets, Go ogle Notebook, Google Checkout accounts, Google Groups, discover known accounts, act as the AccountManagerService, Knol, Blogger, Google Checkout QA accounts, G oogle Health, Google Checkout Sandbox accounts, Google Docs, Google Book Search, Google News, Android services, iGoogle accounts, Google Talk, YouTube, manage t he accounts list, JotSpot, Dodgeball, access other Google services, Google Voice , AdWords, YouTube usernames, use the authentication credentials of an account, Google mail, AdSense, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Maps, access all Google ser vices, contacts data in Google accounts, Google WiFi, Google Calendar, Google mo bile applications, Google Base, Google Finance

Storage: modify/delete SD card contents

Phone calls: modify phone state, intercept outgoing calls, read phone state and identity

Hardware controls: take pictures, control flashlight, test hardware, record audi o, change your audio settings, control vibrator

System tools: allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception, delete all application cache data , get information on secure storage, change background data usage setting, force stop other applications, uninstall shortcuts, disable keylock, read sync statis tics

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Yes you can refer this link. it is having all permissions. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/Manifest.permission.html

Hope this will help you. let me know if you need more

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ya, i have gone through that but i need something like this sincerelygeorge.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/… i don't want to have to guess what permissions each genre have, im wondering is there like an official list or a most common list like this for it –  Hip Hip Array Apr 5 '11 at 14:58
I am not sure about this. mainfest permission file is very simple and self explanatory. –  Ajay Singh Apr 5 '11 at 15:10

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