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Unique entries in an array

Let assume the array is sorted, how can I get number of counts for each unique items


  $array = array ("bye", "bye", "bye", "hello", "hello");


    bye   = 3
    hello = 2 
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var_dump(array_count_values(array("bye", "bye", "bye", "hello", "hello")));
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You can clean up the output of this method to get what you want by saving what array_count_values() gives you into an array and then looping over each item in that array and outputting the key = value. –  CrowderSoup Apr 5 '11 at 15:08

You can use array_count_values.


will return :

    [bye] => 3
    [hello] => 2
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You can use array_count_values on your array which would return something like:

    ["bye"]=> int(3)
    ["hello"]=> int(2)

Example Usage:

$unique = array_count_values($my_array);
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