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I am using the following article:


to create the Average True Range Trailing Stop indicator in R. I have tried various ways to do this, including for loops, pmin and creating a lagging time series, and nothing seems to work.

Could you help me out please?

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Why are you trying to create it? It's available in the TTR package in the function ATR.

UPDATE (after reading the question more closely). I'm not exactly sure this is the solution, but I hope it helps you in the right direction.

getSymbols("AMD", from="2005-11-01", to="2006-08-01")
AMD$stopLongATR <- -3.5*ATR(HLC(AMD),5)[,"atr"]
AMD$stopShortATR <- 3.5*ATR(HLC(AMD),5)[,"atr"]

chartSeries(AMD, TA=NULL)
addTA(runMax(Cl(AMD)+AMD$stopLongATR,10), on=1)
addTA(runMin(Cl(AMD)+AMD$stopShortATR,10), on=1)


I missed the trailing stop logic in the article. This code replicates it more closely. Note that the coredata calls are necessary because trail is path-dependent and we need to compare yesterday's values with today's. xts/zoo operations merge by index before the operation, so we need to drop the index before comparing.

AMD$trail <- 0
AMD$AMD.lagCl <- lag(Cl(AMD))

for(i in 6:NROW(AMD)) {
  trail1 <- coredata(AMD$trail[i-1])

  if(Cl(AMD)[i] > trail1 && AMD$AMD.lagCl[i] > trail1) {
    AMD$trail[i] <- max(trail1,coredata(Cl(AMD)[i]+AMD$stopLongATR[i]))
  } else
  if(Cl(AMD)[i] < trail1 && AMD$AMD.lagCl[i] < trail1) {
    AMD$trail[i] <- min(trail1,coredata(Cl(AMD)[i]+AMD$stopShortATR[i]))
  } else
  if(Cl(AMD)[i] > trail1) {
    AMD$trail[i] <- coredata(Cl(AMD)[i]+AMD$stopLongATR[i])
  } else {
    AMD$trail[i] <- coredata(Cl(AMD)[i]+AMD$stopShortATR[i])

addTA(AMD$trail, on=1)
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Hi, I am using the ATR function in the TTR package, but the code I'm trying to write is a trailing stop using the ATR, where I'm having challenges. –  Jessica Apr 5 '11 at 16:05
@Jessica: my apologies, I didn't read your question carefully enough. Please see my edit. –  Joshua Ulrich Apr 5 '11 at 16:37
Awesome thank you that helps! What is the best way to get the indicator to switch from below to above after the price trend breaks below stopShortATR? I was thinking to use a for loop but might be a bit slow? –  Jessica Apr 5 '11 at 16:59
@Jessica: I misread the article. Please see my corrected answer. A loop is probably easiest because trail depends on previous values of itself. –  Joshua Ulrich Apr 5 '11 at 18:23
Thank you so much!!! –  Jessica Apr 5 '11 at 18:53

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