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Is there any oAuth based AOL contacts API available just like google contacts, yahoo contacts and live contacts APIs. If so then can anybody redirect me to their link please? I cannot seem to find any AOL contacts API info on their website.

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AOL has had a "Coming Soon" page up for that feature for quite a while: http://dev.aol.com/api/addressbook/comingsoon

We're not really sure when they'll release it, but I'm keeping an eye on it so I'll let you know whenever they do.

Shameless plug: Come check out http://www.CloudSponge.com if you want a quick solution for AOL. It's a single point of integration for AOL Contacts, Yahoo Contacts, Gmail Contacts, Hotmail/MSN/Windows Live Contacts, Outlook, Plaxo and OS X Address book.

Lemme know what you think, StackOverflow customers are our favorite.

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A Bit strange, if you go to twitter and try using the import tool for AOL it shows that they do have a system for it just no information for it anywhere.

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