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I have following JSON response received from server:

    "msg": "S",
    "comments": {
        "iRecords": [{
            "id": "9",
            "bid": "1",
            "uid": "5",
            "comment": "This is # 009",
            "adate": "Tuesday, 5th April, 2011 11:15:05",
            "status": "1",
            "userid": "5",
            "username": "pavlos",
            "oauthprovider": "l",
            "profile_link": null

Iam using following javascript/jQuery to get values but it is showing nothing:

obj = jQuery.parseJSON(responseText);

Note: alert(obj.msg); is working fine.

How can I get value of adate in Javascript.

Thanks in advance

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"iRecords":[{ <--- iRecords is an array of objects so i think it should be like this: alert(obj.comments.iRecords[0].adate); – ITroubs Apr 5 '11 at 15:23
per others, you want obj.comments.iRecords[0].adate; You should consider using a developer plugin with your browser, or a javascript console, to easily test / debug such issues. The Firebug plugin for Firefox is one popular example, and you can harness the power of jQuery (or whatever library your page includes) through it. – abe Apr 5 '11 at 15:29

You haven't defined a variable called adate and iRecords is an array

If you use square bracket notation then you have to pass in a string containing the property name, not a variable with the same name as the property.

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iRecords holds an array of objects, so you need to access the first index of the array to get to the first object:

obj = jQuery.parseJSON(responseText); 


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obj has a comments object which has an iRecods member which is an array with 1 element so;

x = obj.comments.iRecords[0].adate
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