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I have a menu that is something like the below: = [
    [T('Home'), False, 
     URL(request.application,'default','index'), []],
    [T('Request Log'), False, URL(request.application, 'default', 'method1'),],
    [T('Management Log'), False, URL(request.application, 'default', 'method2?filter_scenario=%s'%my_dynamic_var),],

Now my_dynamic_var should be taken from the form's field. Can anyone help me crack this.

Thanks in Advance.

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I'd recommend asking on the web2py google group

You can modify/append to from within your controller function, so you could try setting up the main part of your menu in models/ and then add in the 'management log' entry inside the corresponding controller function.

Also, when generating the URL, there is no need for you to do 'method2?filter_scenario=%s'%my_dynamic_var you should just let the URL() helper take care of it for you as in:

URL(request.application, 'default', 'method2', vars=dict(filter_scenario = my_dynamic_var))

So all together maybe try something like this

models/ = [
    [T('Home'), False, 
     URL(request.application,'default','index'), []],
    [T('Request Log'), False, URL(request.application, 'default', 'method1'),],


def method2():
    form = FORM(#define your form here)

    if form.accepts(request.vars, session):
        #add in extra menu option[T('Management Log'), False, URL(request.application, 'default', 'method2', vars=dict(filter_scenario = form.vars.my_dynamic_var)),])
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Thank you very much brianm It really helped :) – user693247 Apr 6 '11 at 10:10

Answer one does not work. The answer really depends on the workflow but, for example, you can do: = [
  [T('Request Log'), False, URL('default', 'method1')],
if session.my_dynamic_var:[
  [T('Management Log'), False, URL('default', 'method2', 

and in the controller create an action to set the value:

def method1():
    form = SQLFORM.factory(Field('my_dynamic_var'))
    if form.accepts(request, session):
    return dict(form=form)

Please ask these questions on the web2py mailing list. That is where the experts are.

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Thank you for sharing the answer. Surely will try my hands on the mailing list/google user-groups – user693247 May 11 '11 at 14:38

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