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I'm working on a Windows Phone 7 application with C#.

I want to implement my login page using Facebook account. To do that I'm using codeplex Facebook C# SDK.

How can I do that?


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You can use ACS for that. See here. (answered your other question too)

In short (assuming you are writing a native app):

  • Your app (e.g. REST services) trusts ACS. For this you expect a SWT (Simple Web Token) that is issued by ACS
  • In your app, you embed a web browser that navigates to the app, to ACS and Facebook
  • Once the token negotiation happens in the browser, you extract the SWT and you pass it to the native app
  • All subsequent calls to your API include the SWT

If you are writing a "web" app for the phone, then it all just works.

In both scenarios, you would use WIF in your backend. It it is a REST API, you need the OAuth extensions mentioned in the link. If it is a web site, it all works OOB.

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a summary of the link could GREATLY improve the answer. – Bob Mar 13 '12 at 14:28

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