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I have a one time use object which is a composite of several objects and their properties. I would like to store this anonymous type into session and pull it back out again.

Questions which need answering

  1. Is this a bad idea? If so, is there is a better way? (without creating a serializable object and storing that in session)

  2. Also wondering if this can be done?

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And re "serializable"... "it depends" :) anon types are never [Serializable] nor ISerializable, so both BinaryFormatter and XmlSerializer will hate them... but if you absolutely had to they could be serialized with custom code. But writing a DTO is quicker, simpler and safer. –  Marc Gravell Apr 5 '11 at 17:44

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it is a bad idea; anon types are a poor choice outside of a single location. There is something called "cast by example", but it is not good practice. The right approach is simply "write a simple class to represent that state". With auto-props that is trivial.

Dynamic is another viable option (that can talk to anon-types), but again: what are you tryig to save here? Write the POCO/DTO already... It doesn't even need to be Serializable in many cases (unless ou have an out-of-process state server; in which case it is more important to have a known DTO).

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I was hoping to avoid having to do the extra work. But i guess maintanablity is better then me typing less. Thank you –  gh9 Apr 5 '11 at 17:21

Anonymous types are intended to be used within a single method body. Anytime you start passing them between methods you are asking for a bit of pain. It's much simpler at that point to just go ahead and define a concrete type and use that instead.

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If you want to find a flexible middle ground between anonymous types and a traditional POCO, a NameValueCollection might work well for you.

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