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Does anybody know how to create xml report as result of tests using GHUnit?

I do like that, but .xml file didn't appear...

GHUNIT_AUTORUN=1 WRITE_JUNIT_XML=YES xcodebuild -project Tests.xcodeproj -sdk iphonesimulator4.3 -target Tests

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Looks like it stores the output in DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR which looks something like:


If you check the file you can see it's saving to:

/usr/bin/getconf DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR
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If you look in the instruction set here:

You need to include the run test script as a phase after your build.

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I use:

GHUNIT_CLI=1 WRITE_JUNIT_XML=1 xcodebuild...

I think it's the '1' rather than 'YES' that makes it work.

The XML files end up in a build/test-results folder and form me it is relative to the project workspace.

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