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I am stuck here: http://download.oracle.com/javaee/6/firstcup/doc/gcqzl.html#gimvn I have update tool open, but there is no javaee-firstcup-tutorial package. (even in updates or installed components). How could I get it?

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When you open the update center goto the application image properties of the Glassfish 3 server image. In the window that opens you will see a section called "Software Sources". check the release.javaeesdk.oracle.com. click OK and you should be able to find the tutorial.

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It is under Glassfish server installation directory (glassfish/docs/fisrtcup).

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In NetBeans 7.3 when you get inside

Servers,GlassFishServer 3.*,right click View Domain Update Center click on Available Add-ons in the left pane you can see Javaee 6 FirstCup. check mark on the box and click on Marked Install Components.

The location of firstcup folder will be inside glassfish/docs/fisrtcup

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I had the same problem in NetBeans 8.0.2 and Glassfish 4.1. Solution is same as ParaJump proposed. But look for : Fist Cup for Java EE 7 under Available Add-ons in GlassFish Update Tool.

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