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fun = function(lambda) {-y %*% log(a %*% lambda) + lambda %*% apply(a,2,sum)}

in Maths notation.

Here lambda is a 2*1 matrix, a is a 5*2 matrix, y is a 1*5 matrix.

So i would like to plot fun(lambda) from (1:10, 1:10), Use persp() (or other command).

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Sounds like homework. –  hadley Apr 6 '11 at 20:05

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You're almost there. You just need to create a grid of values (1:10, 1:10) over which to evaluate your function. I've used dummy data to illustrate.


fun = function(lambda) {-y %*% log(a %*% lambda) + lambda %*% apply(a,2,sum)}

#Create grid 

z<-apply(lambda.grid,1,fun) #Evaluate function for each row

#Change z into matrix form for persp plots




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M Thx you so much. It worked. Initially I was thinking of using outer(1:10,1:10,fun2) where fun2(x,y)=fun(c(x,y)) however it failed due to some strange vectorized function issue. And I though since fun itself is not vectorized, apply() would have been failed as well. –  colinfang Apr 5 '11 at 23:58

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