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I'm using Zend_View, I wrote a view helper, this view helper sets some variables.

One of my object uses Zend_View to render some text, and, I want to set an option to my Object but inside the view using the view helper.

Let's say I've the following view script:

$this->setRenderedDateTime(new Zend_Date());
<p>Foo bar</p>

My 'Object' do something like:


What I want is, before to render(), I want to getRenderedDateTime();

Any ideas?

I've some ideas, but I'm wondering what the best way to implement such things.

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Your question is REALLY HARD to understand. Try to use actual code, instead of some generic $object. – Tomáš Fejfar Apr 5 '11 at 19:07

From what I think you might need:

Make use of fluent interface. Make your view helper return itself for the main call. Look how view helper HeadScript is made :)

//in view
/** @return My_View_Helper_UberCool */
$helperInstance = $this->uberCool();
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Really not sure what it is you are asking, but have you looked into using Zend_Session for handling storing the RenderedDateTime?

If this is something that needs to be saved on a per-object basis, then I'm not sure why you need to be using Zend_View to store that objects state.

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