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I have got problem with displaying dynamically content on mobile device.

I would like to writeout list with values, by this code:

        $.each(mapdata, function(index, value){
            //alert(index + ': ' +; 

            try {
                $("ul").append("<li><img width=\"80px\" src=\"" + value.img + "\"/><h3><a href=\"" + value.jmeno + "\">" + value.jmeno + "</a></h3><p>" + value.akcnicena + " Kč</p><p>" + value.pjmeno + "</p><div class=\"shop-distance\"></div><div id=\"lat\">" + + "</div><div id=\"lng\">" + value.lng + "</div></li>");

            catch (err) {
                alert("ERROR BY WRITEOUT");

On desktop browser everything works fine, on mobile device i tryied catch error, but nothing. It seems, that everything works fine, but i see only blank white page?

What can be wrong please?

Thanks for any advice.

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The reason it doesn't work is the following: the list is refreshing before you've finished adding content. The best way to do all elements to a list, in my experience is do something like

var appendString;
$.each(data, function(index, value) {appendString = appendString + whatever});

This way you also aren't calling the $ on EVERY pass of your $.each. The way you are doing it now is computationally expensive. And yeah, please accept. I'm new, could use the rep :). Thanks.

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