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I have a bunch of projects in the same area. I would like to use one central resource library - is this possible?

Also, if it is, can I use the strongly-type Resource classes like are made when you insert a resource file into your project through the properties?

Thank you.

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Everything is possible for those who try. The only question is if it makes sense. You will lose automatic translation updates (from withing Visual Studio), that is updates of localizable text and UI coordinates. It might be easier to use centralized translations (however with proper L10n tools I can't see any gains here), but it would be easier to introduce Localizability defects as well (i.e. re-using words as in English they sound the same). –  Paweł Dyda Apr 6 '11 at 7:03
I appreciate the feedback, but I onlt understood about half of what you said. What is L10n tools? What do you mean by automatic translation updates? –  naspinski Apr 6 '11 at 15:44
Oh, sorry. I was to write "automatic translatable strings update", that is you could modify strings in your Form and it will automagically land in resource file. And of course the same applies to layout modifications. As for Localization tools, there are quite a few tools that make your life easier - they could extract translatable strings from individual resx files, generate so called transkit (that's for translators) and automatically update/create Localized resx file both with previous and new translations when they are back. –  Paweł Dyda Apr 6 '11 at 19:40

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