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While building a project , I am seeing an error message like
:ReadFromStream' : function does not take 4 arguments Can you please suggest me what could be the error.

Below is the line , it is showing the error exits:

hr = var.ReadFromStream(pStm, pMap[i].vt, pMap[i].rgclsidAllowed, pMap[i].cclsidAllowed);

I would appreciate any help .Thanks in advance.

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What programming language are you using and what compiler? –  Ramilol Apr 5 '11 at 19:04
Read the documentation about ReadFromStream... Maybe it really doesn't take 4 arguments –  Yochai Timmer Apr 5 '11 at 19:06

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Check the definition of the function, usually this occurs when you are missing a parameter (or have one too many)

If it is supposed to take four of them, make sure one of your parameters isn't the wrong type for the overload you are attempting to use. Sometimes that can make it think you are trying to use a different overload that doesn't use that number.

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:ReadFromStream' : function does not take 4 arguments Can you please suggest me what could be the error.

That means that ReadFromStream doesn't take 4 arguments.

That means you can't pass 4 objects into it.

(pStm, pMap[i].vt, pMap[i].rgclsidAllowed, pMap[i].cclsidAllowed)





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I think in the definition of ReadFromStream, the method does not have 4 parameters as arguments. Please revisit that.

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