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I am trying to generate a large graph visualization using Ubigraph and its xml-rpc interface. However Ubigraph's xmlRPC server is not fast enough to handle the call rate generated by my python code, and freezes. I have tried all the performance tips listed on the website to no avail. The direct wrapper is not available in the free version of Ubigraph, hence my question: are there any Free (as in speech) alternatives to Ubigraph?

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I think that you may be having the same problem I was. It is not that ubigraph cannot handle the xmlrpc, but that there is a problem with the 64-bit release. It kept freezing on me at completely unpredictable times (sometimes after 22 edges, sometimes after 1500 edges...). Try the 32-bit release instead. It has been solid for me.

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Have you had a look at graphviz? Does this have to be a service, or could you just run it locally?

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This to run locally. to provide performant interactive graph visualization.Graphviz won't do for this task –  fccoelho Apr 7 '11 at 17:02

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