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I need to ssh twice to get to my work computer remotely. First I have to ssh to the office local server. Then I have to ssh to my local computer (ip address). There is no direct way. Is there a way I can just log in once and it will somehow make the connection for me? I want to make a shell script and use rsync to make backups to my house. I believe rsync can only handle the one ssh connection. Anyone know a way around this?

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You want to make use of the ProxyCommand option of ssh. Here is an example that uses one machine to connect to another.

You can add the following to your ~/.ssh/config file.

Host viatunnel
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/inside_server_rsa
  ProxyCommand ssh -i ~/.ssh/proxy_server_rsa user@gateway.mynetwork "nc inside.mynetwork 22"
  user myself

This will connect first to user@gatwway.mynetwork and use that to make a connection to myself@inside.mynetwork

Now typing: ssh viatunnel will connect using this configuration.

The ProxyCommand line basically runs 'nc' on the first hop of your connection and establishes a tunnel to port 22 on the second server. Then the outside ssh uses that to connect.

See ProxyCommand here at the openssh manual

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Yes, the tool you are looking for is called ProxyTunnel

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