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Edit I think the process attribute must point to an element in the same a4j:form. You can skip to my answer below.

Reading the Using process attribute section of this article they mention that it can point to any container. What tags qualify as a container for use of the process attribute? Some that I am specifically considering:

  • a4j:form
  • a4j:outputPanel
  • a4j:region
  • rich:dataTable
  • rich:panel
  • rich:modalPanel
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It's not possible to point to a4j:region. It definitely works with h:panelGrid or rich:panel. I doubt h:form can be used as the control with process-attribute is already within a form and then you are pointing to another form.

h:dataTable might work if you have inputs inside.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help! – Adam Apr 6 '11 at 16:29

I don't do RichFaces, but it makes technically sense that it only works on components which accepts an id attribute and renders HTML to the client side. JS/Ajax should namely be able to get a handle of it in the HTML DOM tree in the client side by JS document.getElementById() function.

So, in theory it should work on all <rich:xxx> and <h:xxx> components since they all render HTML to the client side. Most of those <a4j:xxx> components are abstract and server-side only and doesn't necessarily render anything to the client side, so it won't work on any of them.

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This answer originally contained what I thought was my results from trying, but it was actually that I reorganized how my forms were layed out. I'm guessing that I just am not using the process attribute and it probably works on all of them, but needs to be in the same a4j:form as the element it is pointing at.

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