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I was wondering if there is any tool out there which could be easily integrated into my existing application infrastructure and handle the error reporting. Kind of a service.

It should allow me (as an application developer) to send unhandled errors into it .. e.g. using a webservice, etc.

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Have a look at SmartInspect.

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Somehow none of the tools mentioned did fulfill my requests.

I have found one which meets the requirements best .. although it could require some more additions. (its open source so thats great)

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You should look for a bug/issue tracking system with webservice interface. For example Bugzilla is very popular. It's has an xml-rpc interface and client libraries for some langauages.

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I hope if Microsoft Enterprise Library will work for you.

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For global capturing of errors you will have to have some kind of application-specific handling mechanism.

For everything else use a logging framework like log4net, which can log to the Windows Event Log (which can be monitored remotely via WMI) or a remote Syslog server (which is centralised by definition).

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i am not talking about global capturing of application specifc errors. I need something which is global for all my apps. – Michal Feb 17 '09 at 7:22

We created just such a service, "BugsVoice", inspired also by your question:

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