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I'm going thru Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails tutorial and, like him, using TextMate as my editor. Today, in chapter 3 of his tutorial, I saw him do something in TextMate I've not seen done before:

As he types a tag in a file called "whatever.html", the tag dynamically updates and creates a corresponding ending tag. So, as an example, if he's typed <ht, then TextMate automatically creates <html></html>, apparently on the fly.

I've found the keystrokes to autocomplete a tag, but this is a little different. Any ideas how this is being done?

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opt/alt⌥esc⎋ will autocomplete the tag name, ctrl⌃< or ctrl⌃shift⇧, will transform it into open and close tags.

Go to Bundles -> HTML -> Insert Tag menu to find other tag insertion keystrokes.

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Check Bundles -> Html for all the different keystrokes you can use. I'm guessing this could be the Ctrl-< keystroke.

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It's close, but I'd swear it's happening "live"... I'm watching a video screencast and watching his tags update as he types... I'll have to live with CTRL< for now, I guess! –  Aboutimage Apr 5 '11 at 22:05

Check out this link to a screencast on the Textmate website. I had the same question that you have b/c I'm working through Michael Hartl's video tutorial, and I had to find out how he was doing this.



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To get the open and close tags press the keys

Control Shift ,
this is same as
Control <

Hope this helps.

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