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Is using formbuild with pylons, when you have pretty customized needs, actually easier than manually creating your own form html?

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I really prefer plain html, but it's super easy populate a select with a syntax like this:

def foo(self):
    c.countries = Model.get(Country)....
return Render('foo.html')


    options = c.countries,

also custom validation it's handled pretty well along with FormEncode

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Thanks, I think I'm just going to use plain HTML :) –  awfullyjohn Apr 19 '11 at 21:13

That would be bad if you use many forms of

I suggest using Pylons with WTForm

To cope with WTForm create a separate class, for example, a Layout that will handle all of the fields in the form of a uniform standard adopted by your site.

This is very good to make the processing of forms in a separate class because they do not have to redo all the forms will only need to change the layout of the base class

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