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In Xcode 4, I can't add files/resources to my project without having the Relative-to-Group path end up something like: ../../workspace/Project/Resources/thing.png

Ideally I would have Resources/thing.png.

I have tried every possible combination of adding folders, files, making new groups. I wish to keep my resources in a folder within my project directory. If I omit the folder, clearly my assets will be relative to the project — just "thing.png" under the project's root.

Is there any way to change the path of a single file (I already know how to 'change the location the group represents') such that I can set the location manually (such as in Xcode 3, where this path crap would happen as well).

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My dirty, but simple solution to this:

  1. Reveal the project in finder
  2. Rightclick the *.xcodeproj file and choose "Show Package Contents"
  3. Open the project.pbxproj file with a text editor (e.g. TextWrangler)
  4. Find & Replace the absolute "../../../whatever/this/path/is/in/your/case/" part of all file and/or group paths with ""
  5. Save the file and open the project in Xcode (it even worked when the project was already opened in Xcode)
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Thank you for the trick. Apple should've enabled manual path editing in Xcode (even if it were an alternative menu—one where Option needs to be pushed). I wonder if they did exactly that but left it disabled (Terminal defaults hack, anybody?). –  Randy Marsh Jan 6 '13 at 23:30

I ran into the same issue. It turned out that the problem was Dropbox that would rewrite the paths for Xcode for some reason.

Moving the project to another location outside of my Dropbox solved the issue.

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I was not doing this under Dropbox, just under the filesystem. It seems to be an issue with Xcode for me. –  h4xnoodle Jun 19 '11 at 5:22
Dropbox doesn't edit files, and thus doesn't rewrite paths. Using the Xcode project on multiple computers using Dropbox, causes Xcode to rewrite the paths because of the different paths. The solution is easy: make sure all "dependencies" are in the Dropbox folder and that all paths are relative. The Dropbox's hierarchy doesn't change, so relative paths are fantastic for this purpose. ;-) –  Randy Marsh Jan 6 '13 at 23:27

Under the same area in which you change the groups represented folder, (directly under the Location popup in the Identity and Type group of the File Utility area), there's a small icon to the right of the file name. Click that and choose the file again. That will update the path.

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