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I am trying to work with Telerik Treeview in MVC with C#. I have 3 models and need just 2 levels (root and child) of nodes. I need that the root node is the First Model, and the child node the Third Model. Both are linked by the Second Model.

Below is the code that I have done:

@using Hant.Material.ValueObject.Domain
@using Hant.Material.Web.Models

@model IEnumerable<DescriptivePatternModel>

        .BindTo(Model, mapping => mapping
            .For<DescriptivePatternModel>(binding => binding
                .Children(descriptivePattern => descriptivePattern.Items)
                .ItemDataBound((i, descriptivePattern) =>
                    i.Text = descriptivePattern.Name;
                    i.Value = descriptivePattern.Id.ToString();

            .For<ItemModel>(binding => binding
                .ItemDataBound((i, item) =>
                    i.Text = item.VersionDate.ToString();
                    i.Value = item.Id.ToString();

In this code I can only access the Second Model.

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I had the same issue. You need something to return a json result from your controller. Create a TreeViewItem in your action method, bind it and return it as a jsonresult. Notice how treeview items are returned. You may just return the treeviewitem depending on your case.


 public JsonResult RefreshGroups(Group currentGroup, int rootUserGroupId)
        parentIds = new List<int> { rootUserGroupId };
        var groupsTree = new List<Group> { GetGroupHierarchy(currentGroup, rootUserGroupId) };

        var treeViewItem = new TreeViewItem();
        treeViewItem.BindTo(groupsTree, mappings =>
                                                mappings.For<Group>(binding => binding
                                                .ItemDataBound((item, group) =>
                                                                        item.Text = group.GroupName;
                                                                        item.Value = group.GroupID.ToString();
                                                                        item.LoadOnDemand = true;
                                                .Children(group => group.SubGroups));

        return new JsonResult
                       Data = new
                                      ExpandedNodes = parentIds,
                                      Nodes = treeViewItem.Items
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Maybe you can try this:

Children(descriptivePattern => descriptivePattern.Items.First().ThirdModelCollection)
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