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Im currently trying to develop a little game where i want to use a class that extends SurfaceView and have it to draw in i thread (similar to LunarLander). However when i would like to change contentview to the one from xml, the one im not drawing in i was trying to call a method from my surfaceview class that is in activity class that will change contentview by setContentView, i get an RuntimeException:

"Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()"

It's probably just because im somehow new to android and java development but i don't understand why it will work when the method is a static method but not otherwise?

(method in my Start class that extends activity)

    public void simulationDone()

(trying to access it)

new Start().simulationDone();
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A couple of problems:

First, you shouldn't call setContentView multiple times.

Second, your surface view will need a reference to your activity. I tend to define listeners on my views that need to communicate back with an activity. In a custom SurfaceView called MySurfaceView:

public static interface Listener {
    public void simulationDone();

private Listener listener;

public void setListener(Listener listener) {
    this.listener = listener;

Then have your activity implement MySurfaceView.Listener and call mySurfaceView.setListener(this) when you create your surface view.

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Thank you, was very helpful! – Henrik Apr 5 '11 at 22:19

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