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sample input (orgtext = a[crlf]b[space]c[crlf] )

I like to store each word a,b, c to the words array with the original suffix crlf or space. Currently calling SPLIT drops the suffix as its separator, but I like to store separator as well. Can I adjust regexp to return also suffix and still split?

Words = new Array; 
var ar: Array = orgtext.split( /\s+/  );   

for (var i:int = 0; i<ar.length;i++ )
Words.push(  ar[i] +"suffix here" ); 
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Generally you would use keep calling exec with an expression that uses the global (g) so that the lastIndex will be set.

var input : String = "asd asd asd asd";
var output : Array = new Array();

var expr : RegExp = /[^\s]+(?:$|\s+)/g;
var result : Object = expr.exec(input);

while(result != null)
    result = expr.exec(input);

Depending on the number of matches you can expect, it might be faster to use...


... which will capture all possible matches in one exec(). The matches will be available in result[1] ... result[n]

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