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I am trying to post my website to my facebook acccount as a link. It is not showing the link rel image that I've specified. WTH! I've been toying with this for several hours today and not getting any results. I've added the link rel tag in the head and I've pointed the path to the space where the image is found. No luck. Can anyone help?

here is the website:

here is my facebook link:!/aburningfire

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Change to:

You forgot the forward slashes.

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thanks Ray..did that, still not working. – Rusty W. Apr 6 '11 at 1:52

I see you currently are using That URL doesn't seem to work, I've tried to put it in my browser, and the page is not found. If I add www it works, Try changing that, if you haven't already.


Check this out:

The image can not be found.

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