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Right now all I have is a link to the tfs portal http://...

I'd like to either write an app that queries directly or write a SQL query that queries the database (which I do not know the server address for or how to determine the database or warehouse server info)

If you are familiar with any tips, techniques or resources, please advise?!

End Goal: 1. Interrogate WOrkitems based on varying criteria for external reporting.

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I might put together a detailed blog post on 5x1llz.com sometime but here is the best I could gather: 1. Download ExiaProcess.TfsInterface 2. Import the project into yours 3. Reference the Microsoft.Teamfoundation.Client and Microsoft.Teamfoundation.WorkItemtracking.Client dll's 4. Connect to the server using the Uri, select a Tfsproject to work with 5. Query to your hearts content... –  5x1llz Apr 10 '11 at 4:36

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Here is an msdn site about TFS 2008 warehouse architecture and stuff.

TFS 2010 warehouse is different in structure but the path to follow is similar for a beginner so the documentation should do good for you.

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