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I read something about this here Android - Increase speed of encryption

I need to only encrypt part of the file(audio & image). Is this possible? Can somebody provide snippet of both encryption and decryption if it's possible?

Thanks in advance =)

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You could define an encrypted member and a non-encrypted members of your class. Then, just serialize them out appropriately. For instance, your class may be something like this:

public Class partiallyEncrypted {
  private transient byte[] imagePart1Decrypted; // transient member will not be serialized by default
  private byte[] imagePart1Encrypted;
  private byte[] imagePart2;
  private static final int BYTES_TO_ENCRYPT = 2048;
  // other non-encrypted fields

  public setImage(byte[] imageBytes) {
    // calc bytes to encrypt and those left over, initialize arrays
    int bytesToEncrypt = Math.min(imageBytes.length, BYTES_TO_ENCRYPT);
    int bytesLeftOver = Math.max(imageBytes.length - bytesToEncrypt, 0);
    imagePart1Decrypted = new byte[bytesToEncrypt];
    imagePart2 = new byte[bytesLeftOver];

    // copy data into local arrays
    System.arraycopy(imageBytes, 0, imagePart1Decrypted, 0, bytesToEncrypt);
    if (bytesLeftOver > 0)
        System.arraycopy(imageBytes, bytesToEncrypt, imagePart2, 0, bytesLeftOver);

    imagePart1Encrypted = encrypt(bytesToEncrypt);

  public byte[] getImage() {
    if (imagePart1Decrypted == null)
      imagePart1Decrypted = decrypt(imagePart1Encrypted);

    byte[] fullImage = new byte[imagePart1Decrypted.length + imagePart2.length];
    System.arraycopy(imagePart1Decrypted, 0, fullImage, 0, imagePart1Decrypted.length);
    if (imagePart2 != null && imagePart2.length > 0)
        System.arraycopy(imagePart2, 0, fullImage, imagePart1Decrypted.length, imagePart2.length);

    return fullImage;
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hi, thanks for the response. This should work perfectly for files consisting of string. However, I need this for image/audio file as well. Any idea? –  icegee Apr 6 '11 at 4:29
Instead of String you would likely just have an array of bytes. So, more or less the same difference, just replace String with byte[]. Then, you'll have to build the logic to combine the encrypted portion with the non-encrypted portion. –  squawknull Apr 6 '11 at 4:51
yep. You've got the point. Maybe I should just declare it earlier. I toatally have no idea how to combine the two! –  icegee Apr 6 '11 at 5:39
I updated my code with a byte array instead of a string. Try something like that. –  squawknull Apr 7 '11 at 2:34

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