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I have a div with a scrollbar in the main window who has also a scrollbar. So, if I use window.scrollbar then it will return the scrolling position of the main scrollbar or my div window's scrollbar? What I need to write if I want to know the position of both the scrollbars? Please explain so it will help me in understanding the stuffs such as frames and window.

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window.scrollbar doesn't exist AFAIK, it may be some IE specific thing, but it's certainly not standard. window.scrollbars simply gives you information about whether or not the scrollbar is visible on the page.

You want, I believe, document.body.scrollTop which tells you how far the page is scrolled, or div.scrollTop on your div.

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thanks...it answers..:) –  Gendaful Apr 6 '11 at 14:19
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