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I have two JPA entities:

public class TaskSchedule {
    private String name;

public class Task {
    private String description;

    private TaskSchedule taskSchedule;

I would like to have a query that looks like this:

select t
from Task t
where t.description like '%text%' or t.taskSchedule.name like '%text%'

Not all Tasks have a TaskSchedule. The above JPQL query generates an inner-join in the resulting SQL, which excludes all of the tasks without a TaskSchedule.

How can I tell JPA to perform an outer-join in the generated SQL?

I am using Hibernate EntityManager as the JPA implementation.

Thanks, Dave

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You can have an outer join in JPQL like you do in SQL, through the LEFT [OUTER] JOIN keywords. The JPQL Language Reference has a pretty good example of this.

Freehanding this, the finished JPQL will probably look similar to:

select t
from Task t left outer join t.taskSchedule ts
where t.description like '%text%' or ts.name like '%text%'
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Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for. I have read the docs, but must have missed this bit - doh! –  David Sykes Apr 6 '11 at 4:19
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